Anxiety and chronic headache 

I havent written for ages and when looking for ways to reduce my anxiety, an idea that came up was to start journaling. So here I am again, in the hope that this helps reduce my anxiety that seems to have risen a lot recently. 

So I have a chronic headache, and although my chiropractor says I don’t have enough cervical problems to cause an ongoing headache, I’m convinced the pain is all linked to my back and neck pain.

However, I’ve also been told that there is a possibility it’s a tension headache. 

So which one is it?

I’ve noticed I’m more anxious recently, I’ve started grinding my teeth again and I have to be active 24/7-cleaning, exercising, checking Facebook etc. I just can’t stop and take a breather. 

Is it this that is causing the headache?

Or is the pain causing the headache?

I’m so confused, and just want someone to tell me what is wrong and to help me get rid of the pain.

I’ve had chronic pain for 6 years and I’m not sure how much longer I can bear it!

Pain is exhausting.