I am learning to control my anxiety.

The last few weeks I’ve really felt that I am in control of my anxiety.

I am loving my work, my gym time and still feel I have time to spend with hubby. 

Well, today I have a cold and I feel rotten. It was my intention to go to the gym today as I am trying to keep my routine of 6 days a week training in place as I feel like I’m really making progress in all areas of my training.

However, today I decided to take a rest day to try and beat this cold before it gets the better of me. 

My brain was in a spin with this decision. 

Exercise is the way I calm my anxiety and makes me feel good about myself.

So instead of resting, like I should be doing, I’m pottering round the house doing chores to make myself feel better for taking time off; to not feel guilty about taking time off. Washing up, putting the clean washing away, cleaning the bathroom etc. Why do I do this?

Why can I not be happy with the decisions I make and allow my brain to rest? Instead I have to beat myself up for changing my plans.

I keep thinking I’m in control of my anxiety.

But am I really?

Or is it still controlling me? L


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