I Want Sexy Pants!!!


I met up with my friend for lunch yesterday and she was telling me about her experience with depression and some counselling sessions that she had a few years ago. Something that her counsellor said to her, resonated with me too.

Apparently the first thing her counsellor asked her was what was her underwear like that day!

What a random question to ask in your first counselling session! The answer my friend gave about her underwear was along the lines of that they were tired, lifeless and grey! To which the counsellor answered that she knew this was the case as that was how she looked and felt. Her counsellor gave her a task to do that week and it was to go and buy a nice pair of undies that she’d feel good in.

This resonated with me, as being a Personal Trainer I am constantly wearing mismatched sports pants and sports bras. Even when I’m not training others or myself, I opt for the big, comfortable sports pants. Considering, I used to be a ‘thong’ girl, this is a big change for me, but one I’ve gotten comfortable with over time.

The reason this resonated so much with me is because I used to love wearing matching sexy undies, but now, even when my body is the best it’s ever been, I dislike my body and wear very unsexy big pants all the time.

Well, not any more!!

I want to feel happy in my body again!

I want to feel more confident in myself physically and mentally and if it means I have to work from the outside (physically) to help repair the inside (mentally), then that’s what I’m gonna do!

Now where have I hidden my sexy undies??????


3 thoughts on “I Want Sexy Pants!!!

  1. I love this post!! I loved seeing the looks on everyone’s faces at Christmas when you would unwrap the latest matching set from Christine & Richard!! Let’s get that back!!


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